Robot Learning Lab @UW

The Robot Learning Laboratory at the University of Washington works on foundational research in machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics. Our goal is to develop intelligent robotic systems that can perceive, plan, and act in complex environments and improve performance with experience.


11/2021 Byron Boots gave a tutorial talk on 'Machine Learning Perspectives on Model Predictive Control' at CoRL-2021.   [Link]
11/2021 Yuxiang Yang, Byron Boots and collaborators' paper 'Fast and Efficient Locomotion via Learned Gait Transitions' was selected as finalist for Best Systems Paper at CoRL-2021.
11/2021 Mohak Bhardwaj gave a talk on his paper 'STORM: An Integrated Framework for Fast Joint-Space Model-Predictive Control for Reactive Manipulation' at CoRL-2021.
11/2021 Boling Yang gave a talk on his paper 'Motivating Physical Activity via Competitive Human-Robot Interaction' at CoRL-2021.
11/2021 Adam Fishman successfully passed the Qualifying Evaluation. Congratulations, Adam!
11/2021 Jacob Sacks successfully passed the Qualifying Evaluation. Congratulations, Jake!
09/2021 Three papers accepted as Oral Presentations to CoRL!!
07/2021 Nolan Wagener successfully passed his Ph.D. proposal at Georgia Tech. Congratulations, Nolan!   [Link]
07/2021 Sandesh Adhikary and Josie Thompson won the Best Workshop Paper Award for "Sampling over Riemannian Manifolds with Kernel Herding" at the RSS 2021 workshop on Geometry and Topology in Robotics!   [Link]
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